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About us

Exalog, a Cegid Company is a French company specialized in the publishing of payment and cash management software since 1984. Exalog, a Cegid Company offers secure solutions connected to banks all over the world for the exchange of financial flows.

Cegid Exabanque is a software edited by Exalog, a Cegid Company since 1995.

About us

Exalog, a Cegid Company supplies payment and treasury management software to businesses

Exalog, a Cegid Company’s applications are available in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) via a simple internet connection, 24 hours a day. Exalog, a Cegid Company software is easy to implement and simple to use, meaning new users are quickly up and running.

About us

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Exalog, a Cegid Company solutions are used every day around the world

12,000 companies of all sizes in 100 countries use Exalog, a Cegid Company’s applications, which process 175 million banking transactions annually. Six European banks offer an Exalog, a Cegid Company application directly to their own corporate customers.

About us


The birth of a software editor

Exalog, a Cegid Company was founded in 1984 to convert word processors to the format accepted by photocomposers. After the success of its converter, Exalog, a Cegid Company becomes an editor by offering banks a solution to overcome the incompatibility of formats in the transmission of payment orders (CFONB). In 1995, Exalog, a Cegid Company creates Cegid Exabanque, a low-cost banking communication solution, to meet the needs of SMEs. The software is a success thanks to Exalog's reputation with banks and consulting firms.


Creation of the Cegid Exabanque software

A fast-growing company

In the 2000s, Exalog, a Cegid Company stands out by offering, among the first editors, its products in SaaS mode. In 2007, we create Cegid Allmybanks, the key account version of Cegid Exabanque, to meet the needs of multinational groups. In addition to Cegid Exabanque's payments functionality, this new software includes treasury management and its own SWIFTNet platform for international banking communications.



Launch of Cegid Exabanque in SaaS mode


Creation of Cegid Direct-debits, SEPA direct debit and mandate management software


Marketing of Exalog, a Cegid Company products to white label banks


Creation of the Cegid Allmybanks software


Exalog, a Cegid Company becomes SWIFT Service Bureau and implements its own SWIFTNet platform


Exalog, a Cegid Company is the 1st editor in France to offer Allmybanks + L2BA: multi-client connector to SWIFT network: Plug and Play solution


Creation of Cegid Iziago


SWIFT certification granted to Cegid Exabanque software


Integration of SWIFT gpi service for tracking incoming and outgoing payments


Cegid Exabanque obtains ISAE 3402 type II recognition, the internationally recognized report for the quality and reliability of its service delivery


Cegid Exabanque partners with Sis ID and Trustpair to strengthen its anti-fraud arsenal with third-party account auditing


Exalog, a Cegid Company receives ISO 27001 certification


Exalog, a Cegid Company joins Cegid

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