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White Paper
Cegid & Exalog

Cegid confirms acquisition of Exalog

Press Release Cegid confirms acquisition of Exalog Cegid, a European leader in cloud-based management solutions for professionals in finance (ERP, treasury, tax), human resources (payroll,

Protocole EBICS

Ebics /Ebics TS

Protect your banking transactions with the EBICS protocol In the world of finance, the security and efficiency of banking transactions are of paramount importance to

Virement instantané

Instant transfers

SEPA instant transfer Five years after the launch of the instant transfer, financial institutions believe that this service is still largely underused in Europe. The

Automatisation des flux

Automation of transactions

Optimize your financial processes with flow automation Making data exchanges reliable and secure is a major challenge for finance departments. The solution to this challenge

EBICS Concentrateur

EBICS Concentrator

Connect your banks outside the EBICS zone with Exabanque You have connected your banks located in the EBICS zone (France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland) in Exabanque,

Migration norme ISO 20022

Migration ISO 20022 Standard

ISO 20022 migration: what are the challenges for companies? The migration of banks to the ISO 20022 standard starts on March 20, 2023! This migration

Digital signature

Digital signature

The electronic (or digital) signature is the most secure way to confirm your payment files. It is available with the banking communication protocol: EBICS TS….



SEPA is the Single Euro Payments Area, which was established in 2002 to harmonize national and cross-border payment instruments. The format is used for…

Software in SaaS mode

SaaS Mode

SaaS (Software as a Service) refers to a software model sold in the form of a remotely accessible application.
Software in SaaS mode is…



The Exabanque application is PSD2 compliant. The Exabanque software includes a multitude of security features (two-factor authentication, user authorizations, etc.) to…

White paper Payments security

White paper Payments security

What actions can be implemented to reduce the risks associated with your payment orders? Payment order scams are on the rise, and fraudsters are…


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