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The latest Exabanque evolutions – May 2022

In the last few months, our Exabanque software has been improved in many ways, from ergonomics to functionality and security.

new exabanque features may 2022

Put an end to wire transfer fraud with third-party control

Sending payments to new beneficiaries is always sensitive and fraud risk is very real: falsification of third party accounts, embezzlement, etc. This is why we have added a new third party control functionality to Exabanque by teaming up with Trustpair and Sis ID. From now on, as soon as a new bank account is added or modified in the application and as soon as a payment is sent, the beneficiaries’ bank details are automatically audited. In order to use this feature, you need to subscribe to Exabanque’s Third Party Control option and have a subscription with one of our auditing partners.

third party control on exabanque

Easier implementation of the Treasury Module

Exabanque’s treasury module offers advanced monitoring and analysis features: forecast management, balancing, automatic report generation, etc. This module is now fully pre-configured, which makes it quicker and easier to set up. It is possible to customize the standard settings to fit the model of each company. All you have to do is initialize the accounts in treasury to start managing your cash flow.

camt file

New camt.086 format for bank statements

Receiving bank charges statements is now possible in Exabanque thanks to the development of the ISO 20022 camt.086 format. The analysis of these statements, made available by the banks, has many advantages: account maintenance fees consultation, payment incidents, irregularities (agios, direct debits rejection, etc.). Exabanque also gives you the possibility to analyze your banking costs per account and bank over time.


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