Your management tools can interface with Exabanque

Exabanque, the multi-banking treasury management tool, interfaces with your existing IT system using two different options: FTP-Bank and the accounting interface module.

FTP-Bank: automation of your transactions

Optional module

With FTP-Bank, you automate the two-way file exchange between your management programs and Exabanque, regardless of your IT system's environment.

FTP-Bank allows you to:

  • Send your SEPA order remittances directly from your management software
  • Integrate your account statements into your IT chains automatically (e.g. your accounting software or ERP, etc.) for processing

By reducing human intervention, you make your processing more reliable and your payments (ISO 20022, SEPA, CFONB) more secure, all the while retaining control.

Accounting interface: generation of accounting entries

Optional module

With the accounting interface module from Exabanque, you generate your accounting entries and their counterparts (including VAT or other taxes).

Therefore, this module allows you to:

  • Generate your accounting entries from: account statements and treasury modules (intercompany balancing, capital gains on mutual funds, interest, and bank charges)
  • Export your accounting entries generated in text format with separators or fixed lengths, according to the format required by your accounting software






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