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Exabanque assistance at your service

The Exabanque teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions quickly, whatever the problems encountered.

Our missions

The main mission of our technical support is to assist you in setting up and using Exabanque.

Our teams are trained to respond to your various issues: multi-bank management, EBICS protocol, accounting reconciliation, etc.

Our assistance teams are able to analyze your bank files to detect any technical anomaly. They can also assist you in sending your transfer remittances, for the automatic daily retrieval of your account statements or for any other operation towards your banks. They also assist you with the automatic interfacing between your ERP and Exabanque and can solve any digital signature problem.

One of our strengths being our reactivity, we will do our best to bring you solutions as soon as possible whatever your issue is.


Assistance tools

In order to support you, Exabanque provides online assistance tools for the software:

  • User and setup guides
  • Video tutorials
  • Contextualized online help
  • Simplified EBICS configuration tool
All these support tools are included in your subscription.

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