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Exabank Solution

Banking flow management software

Manage your multi-banking flows with Exabanque

Exabanque is a software accessible by a simple internet browser in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode.

The application is easy to deploy in order to manage the banking flows of all your banks domiciled in Europe in a single interface.

Watch the demo opposite to discover the features of Exabanque and the software interface.

A multi-user and multi-bank application

All your banks available on one single secure interface

With Exabanque and a simple internet connection, you can:

  • Receive, view and download all of your account statements
  • Make all your payment and collection orders:
    • By file import (SEPA, CFONB, and ISO 20022 formats)
    • By entering them online (SCT, international transfers and SDDs)

Exabanque guarantees to provide you with a level of securityequal to the task, when it comes to user access, sharing information with your banks, and the storage of your data.

Furthermore, use of a digital signature (via EBICS TS) makes it possible to prevent acts of fraud such as the disclosure of confidential information, destruction of data or misappropriation of funds.

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Exabanque is compatible with all European banks, accommodates an unlimited number of companies and users, and is available in four languages (French, English, German and Spanish). It can therefore be used by all of your employees.

The digital signature in Exabanque

Forget faxing to validate your payment orders, it is refused since 2016 by all banks. Opt for a secure and efficient method: the electronic signature in a payment management software. The electronic signature is available for free in Exabanque via the EBICS TS protocol and is compatible with Mac and Windows.

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Your customised home screen

Find your most important menus on Exabanque’s home screen


Display the menus and macro-commands that you most frequently use


View charts of your companies’ balances and assets/debts.


Your alerts are automatically listed: pending remittances or remittances to send;
pending data of your repository (third-party accounts, users, etc.)

Exabanque: payment and treasury management in complete independence

The Exabanque software is offered by editor Exalog, a company independent from banks.

By choosing Exabanque for your payment and treasury management, you can change banks without changing software and without losing your data.

Enhanced features to aid your banking management

To go even further with the management of your banking flows Exabanque offers you the following additional modules:

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