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SEPA payments and collections

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Demo of the Exabanque software


Watch the demo below to discover Exabanque’s features and the software’s interface.

The Exabanque application is PSD2 compliant



The Directive on Payment Services (PSD2) aims to strengthen data and payment security for consumers and businesses.


The Exabanque software includes a multitude of security features (two-factor authentication, user authorizations, etc.) to comply with the requirements of the PSD2 and beyond.


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Are you mobile? Exabanque follows you
The Exabanque mobile application is available on Android and iOS devices

Sécurité des paiements


You want to validate your banking orders, consult your balances and receive personalised alerts during a meeting or a business trip?

Then, choose the Exabanque mobile application!

Discover Exabanque mobile in video

Simple and free digital signature

Sécurité des paiements


Since 2016, payment validation must be carried out either by electronic signature in your payment management software or on the website of each of your banks.

The digital signature is the most secure way to validate your payments.

Digital signature, how does it work?


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"Treasury forecasts" white paper
Treasury forecasts are not that complicated… get started!

Sécurité des paiements


This white paper is aimed at those who are aware of the importance of treasury management but who hesitate to take the plunge. We will present a simple approach to set up precise and reliable forecasts, wich will allow you to take the correct management decisions at the right time.

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“Payments security” white paper
What actions can be implemented to reduce the risks associated with your payment orders?


Payment order scams are on the rise, and  fraudsters are incredibly imaginative in the methods they use to achieve their aims. The “Payments security” white paper describes the actions to implement in order to significantly reduce the risks associated with payment orders.

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Beware of fraud during the summer vacations!

Scammers often take advantage of vacation periods, and therefore the absence of regular users, to launch fraud attempts.


This summer, be extra vigilant and make sure to raise your teams' awareness. Never give out your login details (access names, passwords, security codes, etc.) and your company's sensitive information.


To learn about all the best practices in payment security, download our white paper on the subject!


To go even further

Three advanced options

Treasury management

Treasury management

Accounting reconciliation

Accounting reconciliation

Interfacing with your in-house tools

Interfacing with your in-house tools


Multiple banks
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A proven solution with more than 10,000 users
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Reduced risk of fraud
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