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Payment software

Optimise your payment process from end-to-end with Exabanque: create your remittances, digitally sign and send your payment files, bank receipts and track your transactions, etc.

Make your payments

Make your payments quickly! The Exabanque application enables you to make SEPA, SEPA Instant Credit Transfers and international payments.

You can enter all the information requested by your bank directly into our payment software:

  • Create your own remittance templates, then save and reuse them for recurring payments such as wages.
  • Create your own customised database of third parties (employees, suppliers, etc.) in your application. All you have to do is select them when you create your payments.

Exabanque is compatible with the EBICS and FTPS communication protocols.
Your banks provide you with an EBICS server, which you can then use to send your payment files.

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Process your SEPA and international payment orders

Pay your suppliers anywhere in the world! Exabanque handles all the payment orders your business needs:

  • Remittances in SEPA format, used by all European banks, for your payments and direct debits in the Euro zone.
  • Remittances in ISO 20022 format, used by countries outside the EU, for your international payments and direct debits.

Management of your SEPA payments (SCT), CFONB, ISO 20022

Using Exabanque, you process all of your national and international payment orders completely securely, regardless of the type of IT equipment installed at your company.

Payments Formats Entry Import Standardised import

SEPA transfer XML ISO 20022

  • Urgent transfers
  • Salary
  • Regulatory
  • Pain 001.001.02
  • Pain 001.001.03
  • Pain 001.002.03

International transfers

  • XML ISO 20022
  • CFONB 320

Treasury transfers

  • National: CFONB 160
  • International: CFONB 320
  • ISO 20022

VCOM 400 / Payext 96

Other transactions within France

  • Receipt of your B.O.E. to pay/promissory notes
  • Processing of your B.O.E. to pay/promissory notes
    • Acceptance
    • Total or partial refusal

Follow every step of your international payments

Exabanque allows you to monitor in real time the processing of your international payments sent using the EBICS protocol.

Some banks offer a digital service for tracking international transactions, based on the SWIFT gpi functionality. You receive acknowledgement files showing the gpi status of your payments. This means you can check the status of your transaction at any time until it has been credited to the beneficiary’s account.

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Secure payments

Exabanque guarantees optimum security at all levels so that you can send your payments with complete peace of mind.

Access to the application

Each user has a strong (at least two-factor) and unique means of authentication to access their personal space.

Complete management of authorisations

In Exabanque, you have total control over the access rights and authorisations of each user. If you wish, you can restrict authorisations to assign each stage of a payment to a different user.

Payment validation

Payment validation is secured by digital signature via EBICS TS.
The electronic signature is the most secure way of validating your payment orders. Il est simple et gratuit à utiliser dans Exabanque.
You can also choose to activate double validation (by click or signature) to further enhance the security of your payments. What's more, with the Exabanque mobile application, you can validate your payments securely wherever you are.

Controlling your recipients

Automatic auditing of third parties is available in the Exabanque application thanks to our partners Sis ID and Trustpair*. Exabanque software automatically connects to our partners' platforms to check your payment files and recipients in your third-party database, thereby detecting fraudulent bank accounts.
*Requires a subscription with one of the two partners

Setting up white lists

Exabanque also allows you to define, by issuing company, the countries to which it is authorised or not to send transfer remittances.

Traceability of operations

With our solution, you can track the actions of your users and monitor your payment transactions thanks to the history of remittances and acknowledgements of receipt.

Combine simplicity and performance with our automation modules

Optimise your financial flows with these automated solutions and save time every day.

Treasury management

The software automatically records your payment remittances in the treasury.

Accounting reconciliation

The software automatically carries out the lettering of your bank entries (SEPA payments and receipts) to make your accounting easier.

ERP Interface

The software automates file exchanges between Exabanque and your management software (accounting software, ERP, etc.).


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