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Digital signature

The electronic (or digital) signature is the most secure way to confirm your payment files. It is available on PC and Mac with the banking communication protocol: EBICS TS (Transport and Signature).

Digital signature

What is the electronic signature?

The electronic signature is the digital version of the handwritten signature. It is unforgeable and personal.
  • It guarantees the identity of the person who validated the payment file
  • It certifies that the validated file has not been modified
Digital signature
Digital signature

The digital signature in Cegid Exabanque

The electronic signature is very simple to implement in Cegid Exabanque (payment management software). It comes at no extra cost.

After receiving a notification, the signatory validates the remittance in the software. When Cegid Exabanque sends the payment file to the bank, it attaches the digital signature of the validator.

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