Optimise your treasury management with an advanced and user-friendly application

The multi-bank and cash management software, Exabanque, helps you manage and optimize your treasury: forecast balances, investments and financing, use of macros for current requests, etc.


The Exabanque multi-banking treasury management program enables effective management of your treasury so that you can:

  • Limit your costs
  • Maximise your return


Exabanque, with its numerous automatic features and simple ergonomics, allows you to:

  • Predict your treasury needs or surpluses
  • Share your availability between your banks or between your companies
  • Optimise your investments and loans


To go even further with your treasury management, Exabanque offers you the following options:

  • Control of banking charges
  • Analytical monitoring of treasury transactions

Improve your visibility and optimise your liquidity

Thanks to Exabanque's treasury management functions created in partnership with company treasurers, you can improve your visibility and optimise your liquidity.


Manage your forecasts
Optimise your treasury
Eliminate repetitive tasks through the use of macro-commands

Treasury management in Exabanque

Record your forecasts in Exabanque and reconcile them with your banking transactions.

Manage your forecasts

With Exabanque, updating your forecasts is made easier through 3 different ways of creating projected entries

Enter single or recurring transfers (for this you can set the frequency and duration)

Remittances sent to the bank, as well as your investments and financing, are automatically saved

Import text files with separators

Exabanque automates your forecasts management

You generate your forecasts at transaction date, and Exabanque automatically calculates the value date, according to the configuration of your banking conditions.
Reconcile your entries and your forecasts:
  • One-time reconciliation
  • Batch reconciliation (1 forecast = N banking entries) with the calculation of the difference at the end of the reconciliation automatically carried over (+/-) to the following batch forecast
  • Automatic reconciliation: set your own reconciliation rules (labels, amounts, dates, and so on)
  • Manual reconciliation: process your last unrecognised entries manually
Modify your forecasts

Breakdown of batch forecasts, date deferral, amounts, status, etc.

View your forecast statement at any time
  • View your forecast statement at any time 
  • In consolidated form

You remain in control of the data processed within Exabanque.
Your forecasts can be extracted in Excel or PDF format. 


Optimise your treasury

Exabanque assists you with your arbitration choices: transfer, investment, appeal for funds

Forecasting and balancing

With the Exabanque software, you can view your forecast balances by consolidating them into personalised groups of accounts:

  • by company
  • by bank
  • by currency

You therefore have both the calculation and the visual representation of your value balances.

Using this summary, you can run calculations of your treasury balancing. If you are happy with the calculation, you can send your treasury transfers directly to the bank.

Investments and financing

To optimise your treasury, you can monitor your investments and financing, filed according to type, using the following features of the Exabanque program:

  • Term deposits
  • Enter your mutual fund portfolio
    • Portfolio tracking calculated according to the FIFO method (first in, first out)
    • Management of value dates
    • Entry and import of exchange rates
    • Calculation of unrealised capital gains
  • Term loans
  • Buying and selling of currency, production of confirmation slips

Each of these modules enables you to generate projected entries for investments and financing: due dates, interest and bank charges.

Transaction analysis by transaction type and budgetary codes

Codifying your banking transactions allows you to monitor forecasts and operations in the manner of your choosing, in detail, as well as document developments relating to an account or group of accounts.

With Exabanque, you can:

  • Create your transaction types and budgetary codes
  • View and display your personalised forecasts by a given frequency
  • Issue the detailed record of your projected transactions in Excel or PDF format


Transaction types and budgetary codes are attributed to banking transactions in one of two ways:

  • At point of reconciliation: the transaction takes on the analytical codification attributed to the forecast
  • Automatic attribution upon receipt of account statements

You therefore receive an analytical report of your forecasts on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis according to your expenditure and collections (SEPA ISO 20022) in order to be able to analyse variations in your balances.

Keep track of your bank charges and calculate your charges and fees

The Exabanque multi-banking treasury software program gives you the tools to ensure you are complying with the terms of your banking during any given period, based on the terms of the charges (both banking and internal) and fees you have negotiated with your banks.

The software calculates the fees and charges for each of your banks:

  • Calculation of balance fees payable:
    •  Choice of frequency (monthly, quarterly, twice yearly or annually)
    • Accurate base of 360, 365 or 366 days
    • Preferred rate: Fixe, Eonia, or Euribor, etc.
  • Calculation of fees:
    • Account fees
    • Debit transactions
    • Lowest balance:

- Choice of frequency (monthly, quarterly, twice yearly or annually)
- Preferred rate: Fixe, Eonia, or Euribor, etc.

Exabanque offers you two ways of monitoring your charges:

- Charges per bank account
- Charges per merged accounts

Eliminate repetitive tasks through the use of macro-commands

In Exabanque, you can use macro-commands to save your most frequent requests and the method by which your data leaves the program. This means you can avoid making recurrent entries and selections. In a single click you can...

Generate entry logs

Modify/delete forecasts (date deferrals, etc.)

View your forecasts and balancing

Display your forecasts by transaction type or budgetary code

Generate all of your PDF or Excel reports at the same time



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