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Automatisation des flux

Optimize your financial processes with flow automation

Making data exchanges reliable and secure is a major challenge for finance departments. The solution to this challenge lies in the automation of flows between the various systems of the company: ERP and TMS mainly. You too can automate data exchanges between Exabanque and your management software!

Workflow automation: secure, save time, and avoid costly errors

If you want to become more efficient and reduce your costs, you need to adapt your financial tools with new technologies. Automating your flows between your ERP and your TMS will make you more productive, but above all will make your data more reliable.

For your different software programs to communicate with each other, they must be connected using an API (Application Programming Interface), or FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

The use of these protocols will allow your different management software to “communicate” together in a single ecosystem and offer you considerable time savings! Retrieval and transfer of quality data are done without human intervention. This automation allows you to:

  • Eliminate the risk of error, omission, duplication, or falsification of data
  • Secure your data from end to end and reduce the risk of fraud
  • Increase the productivity of your company
Automatisation des flux

Exabanque connects to your ERP with FTP-Bank

Exabanque has its own ERP interface, called FTP-Bank, which allows it to communicate and exchange data with your other management software (ERP, accounting software, payroll software…).


With FTP-Bank, you automate the two-way file exchange between your management programs and Exabanque, regardless of your IT system’s environment. FTP-Bank allows you to:

  • Send your SEPA order remittances directly from your management software
  • In the other way, automatically integrate your account statements into your IT systems (accounting software, ERP, etc.) for accounting processing purposes

By reducing human intervention, you make your processing more reliable and your payments (ISO 20022, SEPA) more secure, all the while retaining control

It is also possible to send your forecasts and accounting entries from your management software to be integrated respectively in the treasury and accounting reconciliation modules.

APIs, soon available in Exabanque

Like FTP-Bank, APIs are used to automate communication and data exchange between applications.
You will soon be able to connect your ERP with Exabanque by API. The first APIs for ERP will be available on Exabanque by 2024, and will enable you to retrieve your bank statements.

Les API Exabanque


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