Exabanque subscription

Monthly cost of your banking management


€16 before tax
Subscription includes:
Transfers, B.O.E and direct debits, account statements, intraday transactions (transactions within the day)

Mobile application, license, updates, backup, telephone assistance and unlimited users


Rate per bank

€10 before tax / bank
Rate per bank includes:
25 accounts / bank
32 remittances / month
100 days' history of statements received and remittances sent


Rates for issuing accounts located in the same country. For more countries, see surcharges per bank below.

Surcharges per bank:
€16 each extra country, before tax
€0.15 each extra account, before tax
€0.40 each extra order, before tax
2 months' free trial with no commitment




Projected treasury management
€8 Before tax

Daily balances and balancing,
projected management over 200 days,
banking reconciliation/forecasts


€1.20 per account managed in treasury, before tax

   Advanced treasury management 
Option 1

Liquidity management €8 before tax

(mutual funds, CT loans, CT deposits, exchange)

Option 2

Analytical management €20 before tax

(budgetary codes and transaction types, forecasts over 400 days)

Option 3

Banking charges €25 before tax

(+ €0.40/bank account)


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Additional options

Automation of data with

your ERP €30/month before tax

(unlimited access)

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Accounting reconciliation 

€8 before tax


€8/company before tax


€0.40/account integrated into reconciliation

(before tax)

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Accounting interface 

Export of your preformatted accounting entries

€8 before tax


€12/company before tax

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Third-party control 

Validity control of third-parties and payments*


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*It is also necessary to subscribe to one of our partners Sis ID or Trustpair.



2 months' free trial with no commitment

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