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Relevés de frais bancaire, qu'est ce que c'est ?

Simplify how your banking charges are analyzed thanks to the camt.086 format for bank statements

Originally, statements of fees provided by banks came in paper format. However, in order for treasurers to be able to consult them online, easily and transparently, these statements have progressively been dematerialized to the camt.086 format.

Statements of fees: definition

At the beginning of the year, the financial department in each company receives the statement of fees from its bank, covering the previous year. It is a document that summarizes all the charges related to the management of the company’s bank accounts (e.g. account management fees, online services or transaction fees).

The first dematerialized statement of fees emerged in the United States at the initiative of the TWIST (Transaction Workflow Innovation Standards Team) group, first in the EDI format and then in the XML Twist BSB (Bank Services Billing standard) format. The objective was to obtain a message that followed a standardized structure in an international format. In 2012, TWIST joined forces with SWIFT to create a universal format that was more complete and easier to decipher: the camt.086 format.

Relevés de frais bancaires définition

Consequently, paper and electronic media are now on an equal footing. This dematerialization system obtained real legal value following the Order of October 4, 2017. As a result, most banks give their customers the opportunity to choose between paper and electronic support.

The advantages of the camt.086 format

Le format camt pour les relvés de frais bancaires

The camt.086 uses XML language and meets the requirements of the ISO 20022 international standard. This means that the data contained in a camt.086 message is the same throughout the world, allowing for better interoperability with different banks and internal systems.
This format provides banks with a common basis for structuring their statement of fees messages in a consistent manner. This makes it easier for treasurers to verify, analyze, and compare corporate bank charges.

Centralize and optimize your management of bank charges in Exabanque

Having a clear overview of your bank fees can help you identify costs that you have overlooked and could save money on. To facilitate this process − and above all save time − choose the right tool!
Exabanque is a complete banking management software. It allows you to manage and monitor your different accounts, manage all your banking transactions, have your data available in a secure way, and interact with your different banks. Exabanque also allows you to receive your bank statements in camt.086 format, as well as consult and analyze them directly in the application.

By opting for Exabanque software, you optimize how your bank charges are analyzed:

Optimisez la gestion de vos frais bancaires
  • You can consult the details of each of your statements of fees with the amounts both inclusive and exclusive of tax for each cost item, see the general information contained in the statement, and have a synthesized view of the statement.
  • You can analyze the changes in your fees by account and by bank over time and according to the criteria of your choice (banking counterparty or type of service for example).


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