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The latest Cegid Exabanque evolutions – December 2022

Regular updates at no extra cost distinguish Cegid Exabanque from other solutions: EBICS 3.0, instant SEPA payments, foreign currency hedging, digital signature on Mac… Cegid Exabanque always integrates the latest market developments!

Nouveautés Exabanque pour decembre 2022

Pay your suppliers or employees in real time with SEPA Instant Payment!

SEPA Instant Payment is now available in Cegid Exabanque!
It is a Euro payment transferred in less than 10 seconds within SEPA with a maximum limit per order of EUR 100,000. Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, this new payment method makes money transfers easier and more fluid for all businesses in SEPA.

Virements instantanés sepa

Check your alerts at a glance!

The Cegid Exabanque home screen allows you to bookmark your favorite menus and macros and view your pending remittances as well as graphs of your companies’ balances. To save you time, we have recently added a new block to view all your unseen alerts:

  • On balances
  • On transactions
  • On sent remittances pending to be reconciled with a payment status (PSR)
  • On positive or negative bank receipts (PSR, ARA)
  • On positive, negative or pending bank receipts (GPI), and transfers to be received (GPI) accepted, failed, pending, in progress or sent

Treasury: option currency hedging products

Cegid Exabanque’s Treasury Management module has an Exchange risk menu for currency trading. Now, the software allows users to register option hedging products (VANILLA, CALL, PUT and TUNNEL) in addition to the lock products already available before (SWAP, SPOT, FORWARD). As soon as a new product is registered, the application generates the corresponding forecast transactions and displays a report on its performance over time.

Digitally sign your remittances on Mac

The digital signature represents a simple and secure method for validating your payment orders. In Cegid Exabanque, it is available for free via the EBICS TS protocol. Whether you use a MAC or a PC, you can now digitally sign your remittances in the software with SConnect technology.

Signature numérique sur MAC


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