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Bank reconciliation: become more efficient with the proper tool!

The bank reconciliation consists of reconciling the accounting records in your bank account (account 512) with the transactions in your bank statement to detect any anomalies. It is therefore used to check the compatibility of the balances between the bank account and your accounting.

Automatisation rapprochement bancaire

Bank reconciliation, how to optimize this repetitive task?

As an accountant or chartered accountant, each month you take the statement for account 512 and check line by line that each transaction matches those recorded on the company’s bank statements. This type of time-consuming and repetitive task increases the risk of errors or omissions and sometimes requires a second check to be reliable.

Many solutions exist to make the task less tedious. Save yourself the hassle and gain in efficiency by choosing a specialized bank reconciliation tool that will perform the transactions in an automated way.

rapprochement bancaire manuel

Automate your bank reconciliation: save time, gain efficiency

rapprochement bancaire automatique

To make your bank reconciliation easier, a specialized tool will automate the lettering of your bank entries.

Cegid Exabanque’s bank reconciliation module is based on your bank statements previously integrated into the software thanks to the bank management module, and on the accounting entries imported manually or automatically.
The module is easy to set up because it is already pre-configured with single or multiple automatic reconciliation rules that you can customize as needed.

Once your bank reconciliation has been completed, the periods are closed and your accountant can follow up on his closures and edit the corresponding supporting documents.

Go further in your accounting missions!

The Cegid Exabanque software has several tools to automate and simplify your accounting tasks.

The automation of flows

Cegid Exabanque has an ERP interface, called FTP-Bank, which allows you to connect with your management and information software. Thanks to FTP-Bank, your file exchanges are automated in both ways. Your account statements and other data necessary for your accounting missions are automatically integrated into your accounting software to facilitate your accounting work.

missions comptables

The accounting interface

Cegid Exabanque’s accounting interface automatically generates your accounting entries and their counterpart (including VAT or other taxes).
Your accounting entries are generated from bank statements and information from your treasury module (intra-company balancing, capital gains on mutual funds, interest and agios, etc.).
You can export them according to the format expected by your accounting software, or integrate them automatically thanks to the automation of flows.

Don’t settle for tedious manual methods and choose an adapted solution that will meet your needs!


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