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Exabanque’s main new features – late 2020 early 2021

Over the past six months, we have enriched the Exabanque application with the delivery of new features. Here are the main evolutions.

Tracking international payments with the EBICS protocol

Some banks are now providing their EBICS customers with a digital service for tracking international transactions, based on SWIFT gpi functionality. SWIFT gpi (global payment innovation) is an innovative solution launched by SWIFT in 2017 to make international payments fast, traceable and transparent. In Exabanque, you can receive acknowledgements of receipt showing the status of gpi cross-border transactions, which allows customers to know the status of their international payments at any time.

EBICS protocol

The Accounting Reconciliation module is evolving

The accounting reconciliation module in Exabanque allows you to automatically reconcile the accounting records of the bank account (number 512) with the banking transactions according to customized rules. As the module is pre-configured, it is operational very quickly. The Accounting Reconciliation module is more and more popular with our users. This is why we continue to enrich it with new functionalities.

In the last few months, we have made ergonomic improvements as well as additional evolutions, such as :

  • Export in Excel format of the reconciled accounting entries, so that you can then import it into your accounting software and mark the reconciled entries
  • Download of detailed and global accounting reconciliation supporting documents in Excel format, in addition to the PDF format

Other new features


Exabanque offers new ways to analyze treasury flows. For example, it is now possible to break down the flows by company, country or currency, without having to recreate new account groups. We have also added the following two periodicity: "Daily for the first week, then weekly" and "Daily for the first two weeks, then weekly". We have also integrated a new control tool that allows you, after doing your daily treasury, to verify that your cash balances are identical to the bank balances.

Banking Communication

Two years ago, we added SConnect to our remittance digital signature solutions. This easy and free solution works with all browsers and avoids the complications of the Java digital signature tool. Today, SConnect has become the new default signature method in Exabanque.


Users can now view and change all of their personal information from the application's navigation bar: set password and home screen, choose default language and interface profile, view mobile ID and reset mobile password.


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